Looking to Lease Equipment?

Through our leasing service, your business can lease top of the line commercial laundry equipment

Leasing Options

Garment Machinery serves the entire New England area. We offer prompt and efficient service, and a range of comprehensive pricing plans to suit every type of business. Choose from a wide variety of laundry equipment from industry leaders Electrolux, Wascomat, and Encore professional laundry equipment.


$0 Startup Cost

With this no-fuss, efficient approach to handling your commercial or multifamily laundry equipment leasing needs, the Full Route Laundry Lease may be the best option  you’ll have $0 out of pocket fees, or startup costs. We simply provide high-quality washers and dryers, taking care of installation and maintenance, and share the collected revenue with your business.



The Collection Lease plan allows flexibility for you and your laundry operation. Garment Machinery will provide the commercial coin laundry equipment, install it, and be responsible for maintenance. You will be provided all keys to the coin boxes and will be responsible for collecting all monies, and will be billed monthly for rental of the equipment.

Seeking Commercial Coin Laundry Equipment?

Choose from our wide variety of high-quality and long-lasting commercial laundry equipment trusted by laundromats across the country.

Looking for On-Premises Laundry Solutions?

Whether you are building a new laundromat, remodeling an older store, or looking for a turn-key solution, Garment Machinery has the expertise you need.

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