LaundrOzone™ Washing System

Garment Machinery provides the LaundrOzone™ washing system to businesses throughout New England — from hospitals and nursing homes to hotels, institutions and laundromats.

It is our priority to make your coin and on-premises laundry experience as stress-free as possible, and integrating our energy-efficient LaundrOzone™ system to your OPL washer can provide your business with substantial laundry savings! The LaundrOzone™ system uses oxygen and UV technologies to produce high quality ozone gas — one of the most powerful oxidants available — your linens can be bright and clean usings less chemicals all the while leaving fabrics undamaged.


Time in the dryer up to 20% or more.

Reduce & Eliminate

Multiple factors including hot water, chemistry, wear on linens, and most importantly, time in the process.

Save & Increase ROI

With less energy consumed and fewer rinses.

LaundrOzone™ logo by Garment Machinery, the best commercial laundry distributor in New England.
Key Features & Benefits

LaundrOzone™ by Ozone Water Tech is OSHA & HHS approved for laundry washing machines.

  • High Return On Investment

    The cost of LaundrOzone™ with installation offers a handsome ROI to the end user, and utility rebates are available in many areas that would increase the investment rate of return.

  • Uses Minimal Space

    The plug and play machine is placed on a wall behind or near the washer system, making it easy to install in tight spaces.

  • Single or Multiple Generators

    LaundrOzone™ has the ability to equip multiple washing machines with one ozone generator.

  • Low Power Requirement

    LaundrOzone™ uses less power for low utility cost.

  • Low Heat Output

    Running cooler also equates to longer equipment life.

  • High System Quality

    LaundrOzone™ uses high performance components

  • Adjustable Ozone Production

    LaundrOzone™ has an adjustable output that can be used for many sizes of washers by allowing the right amount of ozone charged water to be produced for each individual washer and load requirement

We Care About Your ROI

The following questionnaire will provide information that allows Ozone Water Technologies to evaluate your process and provide a conservative savings analysis.

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