WashOzone™ Washing System

Garment Machinery provides the WashOzone™ washing system to businesses throughout New England — from hospitals and nursing homes to hotels, institutions, and laundromats.

What sets washozone™ apart?

Washozone™ by Ozone Water Tech is OSHA & HHS approved for commercial laundry washing machines. This innovative washing system uses oxygen and UV technologies to produce high-quality ozone gas – one of the most powerful oxidants available – making your linens both bright and clean all while using fewer chemicals in the process. Laundry operations that incorporate ozone technology see significant economic and environmental advantages when compared to other conventional laundry systems. Some advantages include:

    Reduction in water heating requirements
    Less water consumption
    Fewer amounts of wastewater
    Enhanced efficiency in laundry chemicals
    Increased productivity — shorter wash cycle times & less drying times
    Improved cleanliness of linens & towels — many first-hand accounts from current ozone laundries attest to a noticeable improvement in the cleanliness and softness of their towels
    Longer linen life — according to published reports, ozone laundries see a tangible increase in linen life

    Key benefits & features

    Preserve Energy

    • Decrease drying time by up to 20% or more.
    • Greatly reduce water heating requirements.
    • Increase productivity by shortening wash cycle times
    • Lower amounts of water consumption and as a result, less wastewater volume.

    Extend Linen Life

    By reducing chemical usage, and significantly lowering the amount of washing and drying time required, your customers will experience fresher, softer, and longer-lasting linens.

    Easy To Install & Use

    This washing system takes up minimal space in your laundry room and is easy to use and maintain for operators. The plug and play machine is simply placed on a nearby wall behind or close to your washer.

    Save big on Time & Money with washozone™ green technology

    We care about your overall ROI. To ensure that you are getting the absolute most out of this washing system, take some time to fill out the following questionnaire below that allows Ozone Water Technologies to evaluate your operation and provide a conservative savings analysis for your laundry business.

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